How Can You Find Women's Social Groups?

How Can You Find Women's Social Groups?

To find women's social groups, search websites that list local clubs and groups, or contact local churches, libraries and neighborhoods for a list of groups. Examples of women's social groups include St. Olaf Church's Women’s Social Group, the Bellevue Civic Association Women's Social Group and the 20s & 30s Going Out Meetup Group.

The steps below can be followed to find women's social groups on a general group website, such as

  1. Go to the main page of the website
  2. Go to the homepage of the website. Click on "Topics" to view a list of topics to use in a search, then click on "Women's Social."

  3. Choose a subtopic
  4. Choose one of the available subtopics to narrow the search. Examples include "Women's Health and Wellness," "Women's Empowerment," "Girls' Night Out," "Women's Business Networking," "Live Music" and "Crafts." Or search the entire women's social database.

  5. Enter a location
  6. Enter the desired location to view a list of local groups and click "Search."

  7. View the list
  8. View the displayed list of available women's social groups. The list can be filtered further by distance to the location entered. Click on any of the women's social groups to learn more about the group and how to become a member.