How Can Women Dress Modestly to Attend a Mormon Church?


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Women can attend a Mormon church wearing modest dresses or skirts that go down to or below the knees. They should avoid wearing short dresses or skirts, tight clothing, or dresses or shirts that are low-cut in back or front or expose the shoulders or stomach. Because tattoos and extreme body piercing are also discouraged in the Mormon faith, it is best to wear only one pair of modest earrings.

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Modesty is a tenet of Mormon belief that has to do with the spiritual nature of procreation. Sexual suggestiveness is thought to be only permissible between husband and wife and is not to be displayed in public. Mormons believe that modesty and the law of chastity, which states that sexual relations can only be practiced between a man and woman in a state of marriage, are integrally related.

Another purpose for the modest apparel worn by Mormon women is to cover completely the special undergarments they wear after their temple endowment. These garments are almost always white, and they take the place of regular underwear. For women, temple garments have necklines that follow the design of normal bras, sleeves that go just below the shoulder, and bottoms that go to just above the knee. Because the garments are meant to be covered completely, it is necessary to dress modestly to wear them properly. This has created an entire Mormon industry of modest clothing for women wearing temple garments.

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