Where Can You Find Values for Meito China?

To locate values for vintage or collectible china, such as Meito, look for comparable items offered for sale or recently sold. Examples can be found online or by inquiring with antique dealers, auction houses, and others working with similar items. A formal appraisal, however, would require hiring a professional appraiser.

Meito was a Japanese brand of china first produced in 1911. Over the years, numerous designs appeared. Retailers specializing in vintage china may help in identifying patterns and their current retail values. Replacements, Ltd is one such retailer; its inventory can be searched at replacements.com. Kovels.com, ebay.com and liveauctioneers.com are among sites that might also list examples. Valuemystuff.com and worthpoint.com might provide appraisals for specific pieces; both sites charge a fee.