How Can You Find the Value of Used Boats?

To find the value of used boats, consider the boat’s original value, the current season, any upgrades made to the boat cosmetically or mechanically, and the boat’s current condition. Research boat values using the National Automobile Dealer’s Association’s boat value guide. This guide gives an approximate number of a boat’s resale value based on the year and model.

Value is added if your boat is in good working condition and is cosmetically in good shape. Even small repair issues or flaws reduce the boat’s value. Many times, appropriate upgrades add value to the boat, so calculate the cost of the upgrade compared to how many years ago it was installed to reach an approximate current value.

Scout out other boats for sale that are similar to yours to obtain an idea of the value of the boat. If you intend to sell the boat, use the comparisons to price it competitively to generate interest. Consider the area where you live and if you have access to a water source. If you live closer to water, the prices are generally higher because boats are in demand. The value of the boat also fluctuates with the seasons, making spring and summer a better time to sell to receive maximum value.