Can You Use the VIN Number to Determine the Exact Color of Paint You Need?

Once the color code is located, auto repair technicians can identify any paint color variances by searching the vehicle’s VIN number. Color codes may be located in the owners manual or attached to the car on a plate, sticker or decal.

As of 2015, the paint color code for Nissan and Infinity vehicles is a three digit code. It is usually found on the driver-side door jamb in models made in the United States and Mexico and inside the engine bay along the firewall in models made in Japan. An Isuzu color code is three or four numbers and may be preceded by a letter. In models made after 2008, the code is generally located in the glove box.

In General Motors vehicles, the color code is usually found in the glove box or on the spare tire cover, wheel well or inside deck lid of the trunk. It may also be found on the driver side door jamb, passenger door rear face or left rear door, or inside the door of the left rear compartment. In some models, it is on the passenger side sun visor, under the driver’s seat or in the wheel house. The code is three or four numbers and may be preceded by “WA.”