What Can I Use for a Raccoon Repellent?

Brian Shamblen/CC-BY 2.0

Coyote urine and a commercial product called Raccoon Eviction Fluid are often used to repel raccoons. Both products can be found in home and garden retail stores. Cayenne pepper, black pepper and garlic are also used to repel raccoons.

Coyote urine and Raccoon Eviction Fluid are most effective when used to deter a female raccoon with young. Raccoon Eviction Fluid is made from the scent glands of adult male raccoons. Neither one of these products is 100 percent effective, and are best used in conjunction with barrier methods and other strategies designed to keep raccoons away. Ground peppers and garlic can be effective when sprinkled on or around vegetable or herb gardens. All substances used as raccoon repellents should be reapplied after it rains.

The two main reasons why raccoons become neighborhood pests is proximity to food sources and the availability of denning opportunities. Examples of food sources include household trash receptacles that are easily accessible to raccoons and other wildlife, pet food that is left in an unsecured location, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Household trash should be kept in tight-lidded containers in the garage until the morning of scheduled pickups, and compost bins should have heavy, well-fitting lids. Picking up fruits fallen from trees also helps deter raccoons, and physical barriers such as fences are the best long-term solution to keeping raccoons out of vegetable gardens.