Where Can You Use an EBT Card?

Jetta Productions/Blend Images/Getty Images

While exactly where an EBT card can be used varies by location the cards are accepted at grocery stores and convenience stores. Some farmers markets’ also accept EBT cards. Large retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger and other grocery chains are likely places that accept EBT cards.

Consumers who have an EBT card can locate a store that accepts the card by using the SNAP online retail locator provided by the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service. Consumers can enter an exact address, or a city, state or zip code to find the retailers in their area that accept EBT cards. This site also gives consumers the ability to download a list of SNAP retailers by state.

Products that can be purchased at retailers accepting EBT cards include breads, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats. Consumers can also purchase seeds or plants that are used to produce food for a household. EBT cards cannot be used to purchase foods that are eaten in a store. For example, a consumer cannot use an EBT card to purchase food at a restaurant. Hot foods such as those prepared by a deli department in a grocery store are also ineligible for purchase with an EBT card.