Where Can You Find True Scary Ghost Stories?


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About.com features multiple articles in its Paranormal section that detail "true and scary" ghost stories. Ghost-Mysteries.com is a website that allows users to submit personal ghost experiences for others to read, and hosts almost 2,000 such stories as of 2015.

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Examples of some true scary paranormal experiences include the Proctor haunting. The Proctor haunting took place in the autumn of 1834, when the Proctor family noticed disturbances in their house in northern England. The whole family heard inexplicable footsteps, whistling and the sound of a clock being wound. Over time the intensity of the sounds increased.

Next, the family saw apparitions of a strange woman and a disembodied face. A man named Dr. Drury agreed to investigate the house for a night. He armed himself and kept a vigil, but ended up falling asleep.

Near 1:00 a.m., Drury awoke and watched as the closet door slowly opened, and the figure of the white lady emerged, floating toward him. He screamed and ran at the phantom, but was unable to remember what happened after that. Dr. Drury learned later that he was carried downstairs in a fit of agony and terror. The Proctors eventually moved away in 1847, and the building was later demolished.

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