How Can I View My Text Message History?

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Viewing your text message history typically requires access to your service provider’s website with a valid user name or cell phone number and a password. The specific procedures vary depending on the carrier, but for a large provider, such as Verizon, the process is simple as long as you have the required account information. Viewing your Verizon text message history should take five minutes.

  1. Enter account credentials

    Access the Verizon Wireless website and log in with the user name and password associated with your account. If you are not registered, click “Register for My Verizon” and create a password by following the instructions.

  2. Select the desired mobile number

    If your Verizon account contains more than one line, click on the mobile number containing the history you want to view. When you highlight Text Usage, click View Usage.

  3. Review the text message history for the mobile number

    There will be a list of messages sent from and received by the phone number you chose. The text history includes the date and time the message was sent, the sender’s phone number and the receiver’s phone number. The actual contents of the text message are not displayed because they are not stored in online user accounts.