How Can You Tell If a YouTube Video Showing UFO Sightings Is Fake?


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There are several ways to determine the authenticity of YouTube videos showing UFO sightings. Although these video hoaxes may be popular, the video footage itself tends to lack picture quality, frequently loses focus and often contains rotoscoping and other digital editing errors.

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Rotoscoping is a video editing process that allows objects to be placed in the foreground or background of videotaped images. Sometimes the object is edited poorly, passing in front of or behind another object unintentionally, which can reveal a UFO in a video as fake.

If the user who shot a video is unavailable to answer questions about the sighting, this also casts doubt on the video's authenticity. Lighting is a key factor in UFO sighting videos. If sunlight reflects off a UFO seen at night, the video is fake.

UFO is short for "unidentified flying object." These objects are not immediately identifiable by humans, but are usually associated with extraterrestrial life. Oftentimes, the objects purported to be UFOs are identified upon closer examination to be ordinary items such as Frisbees and weather balloons. The United States Air Force created the term "UFO" in 1953 to categorize cases in which people have claimed to have spot anomalies in the sky.

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