How Can You Tell When Spirits Are Around?

can-tell-spirits-around Credit: Chris Dale/Moment/Getty Images

In psychic studies, there are several signs that indicate a spirit is present that include unexplained sounds and familiar scents appearing seemingly out of nowhere. Spirits can also appear in photographs as flashes of light or orbs.

Another interesting phenomena in the spirit world is the appearance of apparitions. Many individuals believe they have had face-to-face encounters with what are known as "full-bodied apparitions." These apparitions appear extremely life-like and represent lost loved ones. However, according to Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigations, apparitions appearing in full form are extremely rare.

Additional signs of spirit presence include sudden drops in temperature and unexplained gusts of wind. A common belief is that spirits make themselves known in order to frighten people, but many psychics and ghost hunters believe that spirits are simply trying to communicate in order to pass along messages from the other side.

According to well-known psychic James Van Praagh, every human being possesses an intuition that allows them to connect with the spirit world. Individuals who are more sensitive than others are often able to sense the presence of spirit energy, but many people have no idea what they are experiencing and just shake it off as a weird feeling or a coincidence.