How Can You Tell If Someone Is a Witch?

One sign that someone is a witch is that they are female and they have a pet. Witches can use their pet to shape shift and do their bidding.

Some common signs that someone is a witch include:

  • If someone has a wart, it may be the case that their spirit familiar is feeding on their body. Such warts often appear between the fingers.
  • During the Salem witch trials, women were more likely to face a witchcraft accusation than men. The rationale behind this was that women were more weak minded. They were especially likely to face trials if they were middle aged and unmarried.
  • Witches may appear socially unacceptable in public. For example, they may spend a lot of time being angry, engaging in irritating behavior or they could act strangely around children.
  • If someone issues a threat and it later comes true, it is a sign they are a witch.
  • Another sure sign that someone is a witch is their spirit appearing in a house late at night.

During witch trials, suspected witches faced tests to determine whether they were guilty:

  • Individuals who were able to swim were found guilty of witchcraft. Those who were innocent usually drowned.
  • People who could say the Lord’s Prayer without making mistakes or omissions were not witches.
  • Sometimes judges would bake a cake using the suspected witch’s urine and feed it to a dog. If the dog died, they were found guilty.