How Can You Tell If You Are Psychic?


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Signs that may indicate growing psychic ability include a tingling sensation or pressure in the head, increased headaches, frequent and more vivid dreams, and increased emotional sensitivity. A psychic awakening, in which abilities first start to manifest themselves, is typically caused by any major life change that creates a shift in perspective.

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Headaches and feelings of tingling or pressure are two physical symptoms that may indicate psychic ability. Tingling or pressure between the eyebrows or at the crown of the head can occur due to an increased sensitivity to energy signals or the process of chakras opening up. These sensations can be exceptionally strong when psychic abilities first begin to manifest themselves.

Frequent, vivid dreams can also indicate psychic abilities. While the conscious mind may reject intuition or psychic energy, the unconscious mind is far less resistant, which can result in the dreamer accessing different levels of consciousness. Many people experiencing psychic awakenings often find it useful to keep dream journals.

Another indication of psychic ability is increased sensitivity to the emotions of others. This heightened level of perception is also known as being empathic. Increased empathic feelings may cause a greater drain in energy when spending time around people who are negative or dramatic. Those with burgeoning psychic abilities may find it necessary to limit their time around these types of people.

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