How Can You Tell If People Are Self-Centered?

Self-centered people exhibit numerous telltale traits that expose an excessive regard for their selves and little to no concern for other people. They're often arrogant, narrow-minded and overly concerned with their self-image, rejecting people who challenge their views. Self-centered individuals tend to surround themselves with people who prop up their egos. They may appear to have a large number of friends, but in reality, these relationships are superficial and one-sided.

Self-centered individuals can be identified by their inability to form long-term relationships despite their charming persona. They are quick to turn on people who misstep in their roles as the admiring friend. Additionally, self-centered individuals often act superior to others. They are unable to tolerate different opinions and viewpoints and resort to combative and overly critical behavior when people disagree. They may present themselves as knowledgeable about many topics, but this knowledge can seem incomplete and inaccurate.

Self-absorbed individuals also take extra care to appear confident in public, lacking any visible flaws. This is often a response to unresolved feelings of inadequacy and deep-seeded self-esteem issues. Instead, they are quick to blame others for their own faults. Self-centered people are also selfish and prone to a sense of entitlement, demonstrating an inflated notion of what they're owed from everyone else while endeavoring to give as little as possible. Lastly, their empathy, if it exists, is usually conditional.