How Can You Tell If Your House Is Haunted?


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Some signs that a house might be haunted include inexplicable noises, doors or cabinets opening and closing, lights turning on or off and items disappearing and reappearing. Some hauntings feature only one phenomenon, while others may demonstrate a variety of different effects.

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Sounds with no clear origin may be an indication of a haunted house. Common sounds include banging, tapping, rapping, scratching or the sound of something being dropped. These sounds may vary in volume from quiet to very loud. Another sign of a possible haunting is the opening or closing of cabinets, cupboards or doors. These occurrences are rarely witnessed firsthand. Rather, a resident may hear the distinct sound of a door swinging open, or return to a room to find that doors have been opened or closed. Sometimes other pieces of furniture, such as kitchen chairs, may appear to have been moved. In a similar vein, lights may sometimes turn on or off when a resident knows they were not left in such a way. Much like opened or closed doors, this phenomenon is rarely seen directly. Finally, the inexplicable disappearance and reappearance of objects may be another sign of a haunting. A commonly used item, such as car keys, may disappear from its regular spot, only to turn up again in the exact spot some time later.

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