How Can You Teach Children About the Good Samaritan?

Teach children about the Good Samaritan by asking children who their neighbors are, explaining that neighbors are not just those who live next door, and giving each child a piece of paper on which they can write how to be good neighbors to children new to a group. Suggestions can include inviting the new child over, including him in the group, and bringing his family welcome gifts.

Read the scriptural account of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10, and explain that the Good Samaritan treated everybody like his neighbor, while the Levite and priest did not. Give the children some context, explaining that the Jews disliked the Samaritans. At the end of the lesson, tell the children that the key element of the story is that the Jew, the Levite and the Samaritan are all equally deserving of kindness and respect.

Another way to teach the parable is to line a piece of butcher paper on the wall and have the children draw the scenes of the story as you read it. Divide the paper into five areas to illustrate the story. The first scene shows the robbers beating the man, the second shows the priest walking by, the third shows the Levite walking by, the fourth shows the Samaritan stopping, and the fifth shows the Samaritan nursing the man back to health.