Why Can't Muslim Men and Women Pray Together?

Muslim men and women cannot pray together because many Muslims believe that it is distracting for both sexes to be near one another while praying. By praying separately, Muslim men and women are fully able to focus on their prayers.

Muslim men believe men and women must be separated during prayer because men are lustful and will think inappropriate thoughts about women. By praying separately, men are able to keep their thoughts pure and can focus on praying to Allah.

Many Muslim women agree they should be kept separate from men during from prayer in order for them to feel more comfortable. Some women breastfeed their children during prayer periods and having no men around makes them feel more at ease. Muslim women are also comfortable being separated because it means they do not have to worry about men looking at their backside while they are prostrated on the ground during prayer.

Devout Muslims argue that the separation of men and women during prayer is demanded by Allah, as he wanted men to avoid temptation during prayer. This belief is not shared by all Muslims, as some Muslims believe it is a practical decision that benefits both men and women.