Why Can’t I Connect to

When users cannot connect to, it usually means that the default address of the router has been changed or that the connection to the Internet has been lost. The address is the default address for many brands of routers, including NetGear and Linksys.

If the user’s Internet connection is disabled, he or she will not be able to access or any website. The user should use the process of elimination to determine whether the Internet is down. Rebooting the router and modem might resolve the issue. Connecting the computer to the modem via a cable (which bypasses the router) might also help determine if this is the problem.

If the Internet is accessible, the user might have inadvertently changed the default address for the router. The procedure for verifying a router address varies based on the computer’s operating system and the router’s make and model. In Windows 7, for example, the user can usually locate this information by opening the Network and Sharing Center in the system tray, clicking on the words “Local Area Connection,” opening the Wireless Settings and clicking on the “Details” panel. The router address should appear in the subsequent table.

When changing a router’s address, it is important for the user to keep this information stored offline. A notebook used for passwords and other data is useful to ensure the user never loses access to the Internet.