How Can I Stop Rabbits From Eating My Hostas?

The best way to keep rabbits from eating garden plants is with a combination of exclusion, deterrence and distraction. You need a spade, chicken wire with holes less than 1 inch across, stakes, wire cutters, and deterrent spray or powder.

  1. Exclude the rabbits

    Construct a chicken wire fence around your garden at least 2 feet high. To prevent the rabbits from burrowing under, dig a trench so that the fencing extends six inches down and six inches outward from the garden, and then fill the trench in.

  2. Apply rabbit deterrent

    Deterrents are unpleasant smells and tastes that repel rabbits. Purchase predator urine spray from garden centers. Urine-soaked kitty litter is another option. Rabbits have a good sense of smell and will shun areas that indicate danger. The smell of human hair also frightens rabbits away, and it decomposes into fertilizer. Alternatively, try home remedies such as cayenne powder, chili spray, hot pepper flakes, Tabasco sauce or vinegar.

  3. Provide an alternative food source

    Plant plantain weed or clover in another part of your property specifically for the rabbits to feed on. They will go for this easy food source instead of taking the trouble to climb over the fence and risk a mouthful of cayenne powder to eat your hostas.