Where Can You Find Statistics for Cuban Prostitution?


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There are two reliable sources to find statistics about prostitution in Cuba. The first is from a website called Havocscope.com. This site bills itself as the "Consumer Reports" for the global black market. The second place is from the Cuban government itself.

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Havocscope has been used as a source by such publications as "The Atlantic Monthly" and "National Geographic" because of its transparent nature and strict rules regarding sources. In regards to Cuban prostitution, a major source for the provided statistics comes from an article published by the Miami Herald in October 2013 written by Juan O. Tamayo entitled "Cubaメs Justice Minister Says the Government Fights Prostitution." In addition to Havocscope, statistics may be found from the office of the Justice Minister of Cuba, who keeps statistics for pimping activities as well as prostitution.

Finally, another source for prostitution statistics can be found with the Cuban Ministry of Health. This governmental department provides statistics that can be broken down by specific province within the island nation of Cuba. In the largest province of Cuba, Havana Province, exact statistics can be difficult to obtain because of the transient nature of those in the population who engage in activities related to prostitution.

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