How Can Someone Write a Personality Profile?

Writing a personality profile involves presenting facts about a person’s life in a concise yet engaging way. Profiles are usually written about important, famous or otherwise interesting people.

The most difficult part of writing a personality profile might be choosing someone to write about. Most student writers do not have access to celebrities, but may choose to write about an influential person in the community. Examples include someone who has founded a charity, visited an interesting place, won an award or has a unique job.

After the subject is chosen, the writer should research the subject’s life. The best way to do this is through an interview. If the subject is unavailable, it may still be possible to interview people who know the subject personally. News articles, autobiographies, and video recordings are also good source material.

The profile should have an angle, meaning it should focus on one aspect of the subject’s life. A profile is not a chronological history; rather, it should present the most interesting parts of the subject’s life in an engaging way. The angle may be about a recent achievement, or a period of difficulty in the subject’s life.

The profile should capture the subject’s personality on paper. The writer should spend as much time as possible with the subject and include relevant observations about appearance and behavior in the profile. The writer should also include direct quotes; speech is a great indicator of personality.