How Can Someone Get Rid of Old Propane Tanks?

Old propane tanks can be exchanged for new ones, disposed of at a municipal waste center or can be taken to a local hazardous waste disposal center that allows them. Propane tanks should never be thrown away with trash.

Propane is an extremely hazardous and flammable chemical. It can be detrimental and can lead to explosions if it is not disposed of or treated properly. For this reason, a propane tank owner should never attempt to disassemble the propane tank because there are often still small amounts of propane in the tanks, even if the receptacle feels entirely empty.

Most places that sell propane offer a propane tank exchange program or offer a propane fill program. These places will be able to take old tanks in exchange for new ones or will be able to completely refill the same propane tank for the owner. It is important that propane tank owners check with their chosen propane dealer to find out how their specific program works. Many places that offer to refill propane tanks will put special valves on the tank that will prohibit any other company from refilling the container. It can be difficult to exchange that type of tank.