How Can Someone Calculate the Check Average for a Restaurant?

Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

The average check for a restaurant can be calculated by looking at the median-priced and most popularly ordered items from the menu and then calculating the average amount of customers seated at a time. Calculating the average check amount is very important in determining a restaurant’s revenue margins. Once this number is found, it can be multiplied with the number of guests served during a dinner service to calculate an approximation of revenue for any particular measurement of time, whether referring to a dinner service or a whole fiscal year.

Finding out this kind of information can be very important to determining the other factors that must be calibrated for a restaurant to succeed. For example, understanding the average check amount can allow restaurants to increase menu items to slightly increase their average revenue from each guest they serve. While these numbers may seem small, during the course of a meal service, or a fiscal year, this small increase in the average check amount can lead to significant increases in overall revenue.

Understanding how to carefully increase revenue is important for figuring out the optimal amount of paid staff as well as other measurable aspects of running a restaurant, like operating hours and menu size. With the optimal check average figured out, staff can also be trained to recommend the most attractive and profitable menu items to the customers they serve.