Where Can You Find Solution Manuals to College Textbooks?

John Liu/CC-BY 2.0

Solution manuals for some college textbooks can be obtained from the instructor of the course, the publisher of the textbook, the college library or an online resource center sponsored by the textbook publisher or instructor of the course. Many college instructors place a copy of the solutions manual for students to access on reserve in the math lab, writing center or science lab, depending on the type of class.

Most instructors or college librarians do not allow students to check out a solutions manual or take it off campus. Instead, students need to access it while on campus or at the library. In some cases, students may be able to obtain solutions manuals from students who have previously taken the course or from online sites that sell supplements to textbooks, such as Amazon or eBay.

Not all solution manuals for college textbooks are readily available to students. When requesting a manual from a textbook publisher, the student may need written approval from the instructor. Without this, the publisher may refuse to release the manual.

Instructors in need of a solutions manual can often request one from the department chair or directly from the publisher after providing credentials and proof that the textbook is being used in the course.

Chegg.com is a used textbook online retailer where students may sell their old solutions manuals and set their own prices. Users can search for textbook solution manuals on Chegg by title, author and ISBN. Additionally, Chegg.com has a solutions section where students may view odd-numbered solutions to problems. To view the even-numbered problem solutions, however, students must create a premium account that has a monthly or annual fee. Additionally, SolutionManuals.org is a newer website that carries up-to-date solutions manuals with clear pricing and instant delivery. If a desired solution manual is not on the website, users may request it.