Can You Get a Six Pack by Doing 100 Crunches Every Day for 2 Weeks?

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Targeting one specific area of the body for exercise will not lead to a six pack, especially for short-term exercise. While physical exercise is beneficial, it is not the sole component of crafting the ideal body and a defined six pack. The visibility of a well-developed core is highly dependent on diet and a six pack can be visible with a proper diet, a diverse workout routine and if body fat levels are low enough.

Many people hold the belief that targeting the abdominal muscles performing only crunches will eventually lead to a six pack, but because the human body is complex, there are number of steps that must be taken to reach the ideal physique. The idea of spot fat removal — performing one exercise to strengthen that particular muscle group — will yield little to no results for a vast majority of people. People of varying body types and overall physical health who have different fitness goals and expectations must also consider their ideal body type.

While abdominal exercises are indeed important and should not be ignored, the ideal routine for yielding a visible six pack is to perform a mix of strength training and cardiovascular exercises targeting all areas of the body, as well as consuming a healthy diet to lower body fat levels. Rest during any exercise regimen is also a vital component and too much exercise can lead to muscle soreness, fatigue and sometimes injury.