How Can You Simplify Your Life?


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There are many techniques to simply life, including reducing stress, focusing on certain goals, letting go of negative thoughts and limiting exposure to media. Simplifying life can mean reducing both physical and emotional clutter.

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Stress is one of the biggest complicating factors in life. One simple tactic to reduce stress is to maintain a daily morning routine, which can help eliminate stressors throughout the day. Whether it's exercise, writing or meditation, determine a calming morning routine to help decrease mental clutter throughout the day. Simplifying goals and honing in on just one or two specific aspirations can also help simplify life. Reducing goals may seem self-defeating, but narrowing them down can help make goals more manageable and achievable. After completing one goal, add another one to the list.

Simplifying life can also mean cutting down on negative feelings and emotions. Try to complain less, especially about circumstances that can't be controlled. Try to let go of unproductive feelings such as jealousy, anger, bitterness and resentment. Forgive past grudges and replace them with positive feelings.

Finally, cutting down exposure to media, whether it's television, news or the Internet, can drastically simplify life. Set aside designated times that are media free, such as dinner, or cut off media after a certain time each night. Reducing media consumption can also improve communication and intimacy with loved ones.

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