How Can You Get Free Sermons Emailed to You?

Keep Believing Ministries is one of many websites that offer a free weekly sermon by email, in addition to full text sermons and audio sermons on the website. Other websites such as Virtual Preacher offer sermon outlines and resources by email for use by preachers.

Many individual churches offer sermons on their websites for streaming and downloading. Some offer email delivery of sermons as well, while others offer summaries or devotionals by email. Waypoint Community Church in North Carolina offers email sermon updates. Truth for Life, the ministry of radio preacher and Ohio pastor Alestair Begg, posts links to Begg's full sermons on the website,, and also offers email summaries and daily devotional emails.

Times Square Church, which was founded by the late David Wilkerson, offers a monthly sermon summary email. Times Square Church is the church David Wilkerson, now deceased, started. Popular radio preacher and Texas pastor Tony Evans also offers a weekly devotional by email.