Where Can You Find the Serial Number on a Winchester Model 70?

The serial number for the Winchester Model 70 is located on the receiver, usually on the right side, near the magazine well and the bolt handle. The Model 70 series features a serial number for every year since 1935, but records for individual firearms are incomplete as of May 2015.

Winchester Model 70 rifles feature a serial number on the receiver for record keeping, which is typically used to determine serial number ranges within an approximate year. The 1935 serial numbers range from 1 to 19, and then increase in number for all subsequent years. However, due to fires, file mismanagement and ownership transitions, Winchester Repeating Arms Company does not possess a complete record of every individual firearm prior to 1990. Winchester now uses an electronic system for its products made after 1990 to augment its existing records.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 mandates that any firearms developed by U.S. manufacturers must bear an official serial number. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms enforces this policy, and keeps records of any reported firearms that do not possess a serial number. Subsequently, any firearm made after 1968 that does not possess a serial number is in violation of federal law and must be reported to the BAFT.