Where Can I Sell My Lladro?

There are a number of places online to sell Lladros. Sites such as A Retired Collection and Sell 4 Value offer people the opportunity to sell their Lladros. Auction sites such as eBay provide another option for people looking to sell directly to customers.

A Retired Collection, LLC, offers people the opportunity to sell retired Lladro pieces, although the site does not deal in current pieces. The price should be listed 20 to 25 percent higher than the desired net, as this percentage is the site’s fee for processing. When there is a confirmed buyer, the site requests the seller to send the figurine to the office for inspection; checks are sent to sellers the next week.

Sell 4 Value, located in Batavia, IL, purchases Lladros outright as opposed to consignment businesses. The business claims to offer to pay half the estimated resale value for any Lladro valued at more than 20 dollars. Sell 4 Value offers sellers the option to either make an appointment and bring items in or to mail in the figurines.