Where Can I Sell My Barbie Dolls?

Used Barbie dolls can be sold at online auction store sites such as eBay, where a price and description can be set and shipping details can be arranged. Selling a Barbie doll might also be done as part of a garage sale, if other things need to be sold along with it.

Auctioning is the process of buying or selling an item through bids, with a base bid determining estimated value and the bids raising according to the demand of the customers competing for the product. The product goes to the highest bidder.

Garage sales are done to get rid of items, used or brand new, that homeowners have no use for but which may be useful to others. These sales are sometimes done when someone is low on money and needs to get some income and free up some space in their home. In the United States, the items that usually go on sale at garage sales are clothes, toys, furniture, tools and other items that may not be used frequently by those who originally bought them, or serve no purpose any longer in the household. Clothing that children have long since outgrown is often found at this events.