Where Can I Sell an Antique Typewriter?

It is possible to sell an antique typewriter online via an auction site like eBay or to a local antiques dealer. Approaching a local antiques dealer is the easiest solution, as it avoids auction site fees and leads to a fast sale.

Antique dealers act as a hassle-free way to sell antiques, as the seller does not have to worry about postage and packaging, insurance while the typewriter is in transit or paying auction site fees. Going to a dealer is also a good way to secure a fast sell, whereas there is no guarantee that an auction site listing generates any attention. When there is no local dealer available, sites like eBay are a good alternative.

When choosing either avenue to sell an antique typewriter, it is worth obtaining a valuation first. While most dealers offer honest appraisals, they are also in the industry to make money. As such, they may aim for a lower asking price to increase their profit margins. Visit online auctions to see the selling price of similar typewriters, use books to perform valuations, or ask a professional if there is one available. While selling on eBay, always describe every flaw accurately and post the listing with lots of images, if possible. Buyers receiving items with flaws can return them, and as antiques rise in value when they have few flaws, this can harm the seller’s rating.