How Can You See Ghosts?


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There is no scientific evidence that proves the existence of ghosts, making the prospect of seeing them or learning to see them theoretically impossible from a scientific standpoint, according to Live Science. However, there is research that explains what is taking place when a person reports interacting with spirits of the dead.

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Sleep paralysis is a condition in which an individual remains unable to move after waking. Sleep paralysis commonly occurs during REM sleep, the state in which people most often dream. When it persists after waking, the mind remains in a dream fugue and creates images that aren't really there. Snakes, spiders and even ghosts are most commonly reported by sleep-study participants who experience sleep paralysis after waking.

There are also a number of other physical and psychological conditions that can result in the perception of seeing a ghost, such as sleep deprivation, the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, a temporary psychotic state or even temporal epilepsy. Virtually any condition that opens the mind up to outside influence can result in visual and auditory hallucinations, many of which involve ghosts. Often, it is as simple as extreme fatigue paired with performing mindless tasks that leads to many reports. In other scenarios, the suggestibility of the human mind can create feelings and sensations that are often attributed to a haunting or ghost encounter.

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