How Can You See Fulton County Inmate Mug Shots?

The Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia maintains an online database of the jail’s inmates, including mug shots, that can be accessed at This database allows users to search based on the inmate’s full name or booking number. Each listing also provides additional information on the inmate including the date of booking, the date of release and the charges against the inmate. Mug shots of Fulton County inmates are also available on websites such as

In addition to this high-level information, the database also provides detailed information for each inmate. Users can access this information by clicking through the hyperlink attached to the booking number. The details include the inmate’s physical description including height, weight, ethnicity, hair color and eye color as well as any known addresses and aliases used by the inmate. This page is also where the mug shot can be viewed.

The details page also includes law enforcement information for the inmate, including the inmate’s Sheriff’s Office identification number, the number for the inmate’s arrest warrant, the date the offense was committed, the dollar amount of bond, and the type of fine or court charges levied against the inmate. The database also has a notes section where additional information such as transfers is located.