How Can You Scan a Document to an HP Printer?

To scan a document using an HP printer, first ensure that the computer to which you are scanning is connected to the printer, either with a USB cable or wirelessly, and that the printer’s software is installed on the computer. You will then be able to scan a document using the printer’s control panels and save it on the computer.

Switch on the printer. For network printers installed on Windows Operating System computers, open the HP software. Click on the scanner actions, select manage, scan to computer, and then click on enable.

When you have your document or image ready, load it onto the scanner glass. Carefully place the document with the side you wish to scan touching the glass. Position the document in accordance with the instructions along the edges of the glass.

For scanning through the automatic document feeder tray, place the printed item in the feed tray facing up. Place the top edge in the tray first. Slide the document in the tray until the control panel displays a message indicating the detection of the document.

Select the file type of the scanned document after saving, and then scan the item. Select the computer that is to save the scanned document, and then select the scan to type. Start the scanning. The folder containing the scanned document will open automatically.