Where Can I Find Free Samples of Tattoo Ink and Needles?

Tat Soul Premium Supply offers a free sample of its tattoo needles and ink. Orders for this sample pack are expected to be shipped out to customers between one and three business days after the product’s warehouse arrival.

There are many websites that sell tattoo supplies, including needles, ink, creams, tattoo machines and guns, stools, and benches. Most online stores sell their ink and needle products in grouped sets, often at discounted prices. It is difficult to find a tattoo ink supplier, however, that offers completely free samples.

Tattoo product suppliers, such as Element Tattoo Supply and Online Tattoo Wholesale, offer a wide selection of products and either free shipping or a free gift along with purchases over a certain dollar amount. The free gift often consists of product samples such as inks or creams.

One of the most popular tattoo suppliers, Intenze Ink, has a large online store that offers discounts on certain ink and needle sets as well as a savings on items that are purchased in bulk. The Intenze website also has product reviews and a link to an artist series that promotes the work and special inks of specific tattoo artists.

In the United States, the contents of tattoo inks are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are further regulated in some states.