How Can You Get Rid of Bad Luck With a Wiccan Spell?

Banishing spells are the most common way that Wiccans dispel bad luck and curses. While some banishing spells are intensive and require extensive preparation, many can be performed on short notice with a few simple ingredients.

The most common way to banish bad luck in the Wiccan tradition is to use a sage smudge stick. Smudge sticks can be purchased for a relatively low cost at organic food stores or specialty shops online. Asunam, an online resource for mystical rituals and customs, explains that this tradition comes from a Native American cleansing ceremony. Once the smudge stick is lit and blown out, it is placed in an abalone shell. The practitioner then uses a feather to disseminate the smoke into the top and bottom corners of every room in the home. This simple ritual is believed to cleanse any negative energy or bad luck and recycle it into positive energy.

Other Wiccans prefer to banish bad luck by performing a good luck ritual instead. Wiccan Spells explains a simple ritual in which the practitioner burns incense while lighting three candles in a protective triangle. Before the candles are lit, the practitioner says a simple incantation, calling upon the Earth for protection and luck. Finally, what is left of the candles is buried in the earth to symbolize that the practitioner is turning the situation over to nature completely.