How Can You Resolve Conflict Scenarios?

can-resolve-conflict-scenarios Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

The key to resolving conflict scenarios is by facilitating open communication between the parties involved in the conflict. This brings the underlying factors into the open and provides an avenue for resolution. Conflicts are normally accompanied by feelings among the parties involved. Both parties must be allowed to express their feelings and their positions so that the best solution can be reached.

Human Resources at UC Berkeley recommends that the best way for a manager to resolve a conflict between employees is to acknowledge that there is a difficult situation and to address the underlying issues that are at the core of the conflict. By allowing both employees to express their positions honestly and discuss the advantages they would gain from their different positions, it becomes much easier to resolve employee conflicts. The final solution should be based on the common grounds identified and should address most of the needs of the conflicting parties in ways that further the objectives of the organization and promote a better working environment. The key to resolving conflicts is to identify a middle ground on which both parties agree and then build a solution from that point. Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing, but it presents an opportunity for increased understanding, cohesion and self-knowledge.