How Can You Remove Your Name From the Voter Registration List?

According to the United States Election Assistance Commission, you may remove your name from the voter registration list by completing a cancellation of registration form and sending it to your state or local election offices. Most election offices also require a written request stating that you no longer want to be a registered voter in a particular state or county.

Even if you, the registrant, changes address, a state cannot remove your name from the official list of eligible voters for Federal elections unless you confirm in writing that you changed addresses or residency outside of your registrar’s jurisdiction where in you are registered. A state or county election office, however, may remove your name in the official list of registrants for Federal election if you failed to vote in two consecutive federal elections and has failed to respond to the notice sent by your local board of elections.

If you have moved out of your local or state jurisdiction and have not sent a cancellation request to your former local election office, you may visit your current local election registrar and re-register. Inform the local registrar that you are registered elsewhere. The local registrar can send the cancellation notice to your former election office in order to remove your name from your former state or county’s list of eligible voters. Your former election office may send you a notice that you need to respond to within a specific period of time or days.