How Can You Remember Your Past Lives Through Past Life Regression?


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Many people claim to remember their past lives while undergoing hypnotic past life regression therapy, while being talked through a procedure designed to tap into deep, forgotten memories, allegedly from a previous, forgotten life. Under hypnosis, people recall details of previous lives, even taking on the personalities of their former selves. Past life regression is a controversial procedure in the field of therapy, and many doubt its veracity.

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This procedure is a form of hypnotherapy where a specialist trained in reaching past life memories guides a person into her own past. Those who undergo this hypnotic procedure often claim to feel as if they have left their bodies and are observing things from another dimensional plane. During a past life regression session, it's quite common for someone to feel that she is in a different location, is of the opposite sex or is a different age, or she may even find herself speaking in another language.

The many detractors of this type of therapy regard it as a method used by unscrupulous charlatans to deceive gullible people and scam money from them. A study from Maastricht University in the Netherlands claims that people who think they remember past lives are merely misremembering and misidentifying things they have seen or experienced years ago. On the other hand, believers in this technique see it as an honest effort to prove both the existence of past lives and clear out past life memories from the subconscious mind that are causing problems or emotional issues.

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