Where Can You Find Real Wizard Spells?

can-real-wizard-spells Credit: Dave King/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

A website called Spells of Magic lists thousands of magic spells for wizards, warlocks, witches and Wiccans. Beginners and established wizards can learn how to cast spells for any occasion based on their occult beliefs. Spells of Magic is designed for entertainment purposes only.

The website teaches wizards how to practice the art of black and white magic for personal development. Occult practitioners claim that wizards can learn how to cast spells to ward off evil, win back a loved one, advance in a career, obtain prosperity, uncover a hidden talent, find the perfect job and attract good luck. The site divides the spells into categories to minimize the search time. Instructions for all spells are listed on the website and include items needed to make the spells. The site is useful for anyone wishing to learn how to cast spells using magic.

Other spellbooks including "How to Rituals" are made available to Coven members only. Spellbooks are catalogued in two sections, "Classical Spellbooks" and "Coven Spellbooks." The "Classical Spellbooks" section contains information and spells about black and white magic. The "Coven Spellbooks" section lists more than 50 books and is referred to on the site as "The Big List of Spells."