How Can You Read the Koran Online?


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Read the Koran online at Quran.com, QuranExplorer.com or ClearQuran.com. Each website features a distinct translation of the text into English as well as audio presentation of the content.

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ClearQuran.com claims to feature the simplest translation, making it easier to understand for readers and new adherents to Islam. The website also offers users the ability to listen to the Koran being read in English.

QuranExplorer.com features an English translation alongside one of two original scripts, giving readers the choice between an Usmani script and an IndoPak script. Audio playback on this website plays each line of the Koran first, switching between sung Arabic and spoken English. The website also offers readers a choice between five separate English translations and translations into other languages such as Dutch, French, Spanish and Urdu.

Quran.com displays each individual line of the Koran vertically, with seven separate English translations available, including the Sahih International translation, alongside Arabic script. Other English translations made available by Quran.com include the Dr. Ghali translation, Pickthall translation and Yusuf Ali translation. Users may also compare these translations with a literal word-for-word translation of each Arabic character. The website also allows users to copy individual lines. The website provides audio playback options that include 9 separate speakers.

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