Where Can You Read Jill Swaggart’s Biography?

Those interested in learning more about Jill Swaggart can read her biography on her LinkedIn.com page and CrossfireYouthMinistries.org. Swaggart is the wife of Pastor Gabriel Swaggart and worship leader for Crossfire Youth Ministry. Their ministry is part of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jill met Gabriel while attending Bible School at Oral Roberts University. They married on December 4, 2004. As of 2015, the Swaggarts have three daughters, Samantha Gabrielle, Abby Jill and Caroline Frances.

Jill is a singer with the Crossfire Praise & Worship Team and acts as Worship Leader for the Crossfire Band. Through her ministry, she works with young people to help develop their relationship with Christ.