Where Can I Purchase Medalla Beer?

Outside of Puerto Rico, Medalla Light beer is available in some Sam’s Club locations. Sam’s Club requires a membership to purchase and pick up the beer or have it delivered. Medalla Light is also available to consumers living in Central and South Florida. Consumers in those regions can purchase the beer from popular retail stores such as Walmart, Publix Super Markets, Sedano’s Supermarkets, ABC Liquors and Walgreens.

Floridians looking for Medalla Light can also ask for the beverage at local bars and restaurants. People that enjoy making brewed beers at home can order Medalla Light Cervesa liquid malt extract. The beer extract is produced by Medalla, Inc. of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The mixture combines malt extract, grains and sugars and makes 5 gallons of light beer. Medalla Light beer extract is available for purchase online at Austin Home Brew Supply.

Medalla Light beer has a pale gold color and a sweet malt-like flavor. When poured, the beer develops a light soapy head. Medalla is Puerto Rico’s most popular-selling brand of light beer. Unlike some other brands that produce regular and light versions, there is no regular version of Medalla beer. Cervecera de Puerto Rico, the brand’s manufacturer, may expand distribution of Medalla Light in the future.