Where Can You Find Printable Instructions on How to Pray the Catholic Rosary?


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Praying the rosary is an important element of Catholic worship. The multiple step process can take time to learn, but there are many resources online to aid practitioners in their spiritual pursuit.

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Where Can You Find Printable Instructions on How to Pray the Catholic Rosary?
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How-to-pray-the-rosary-everyday.com offers detailed instructions for learning the rosary. These instructions include a step by step explanation for each element of the practice. This guide is available in a printable version on the site. According to this website, saying the rosary involves starting at the cross and slowly moving to each bead along the string. At each bead, the practitioner must recite a bead-specific prayer.

Catholiconline.org also has a number of resources for people interested in learning the rosary. At various bead clusters in the series, the Hail Mary prayer is to be recited. The beads help the practitioner keep track of how many prayers he or she has already recited. This site also offers information on the sorts of benefits reciting the rosary is said to have on the practitioner. The Virgin Mary is said to offer protection, deliverance from purgatory and signal graces.

Another site offering assistance with learning the rosary is catholiccity.com. This website allows visitors to order an informational CD explaining the practice of the rosary.

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