Where Can You Find Printable Bible Worksheets?

A number of online Christian resources provide printable Bible worksheets, including DLTK-Bible.com, TeachSundaySchool.com, FamiliesAlive.org, BibleStoryPrintables.com and TruthforKids.com. DLTK-Bible.com is a parenting blog that offers Bible story worksheets, including vocabulary and spelling lessons. There are also Bible-based puzzle games, such as anagrams, mazes, word searches and crossword puzzles. Worksheets for Bible lesson plans on the site include Old and New Testament materials.

TeachSundaySchool.com sells packets of 100 Bible worksheets, including crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches and coloring sheets for children ages 4-12. These materials are geared toward Sunday school teachers who want extra projects to give their students. The worksheets teach facts about the Christian faith, and a number of them feature mini-lessons and Bible verses. TeachSundaySchool.com organizes its worksheets by theme; some of these include Powerful Proverbs, Promising Prophesies and Bible Bad Guys.

FamiliesAlive.org is dedicated to supporting Christian families, and provides worksheets that encourage families to study the Bible together. This organization offers worksheets and other educational materials free to members; it includes them as part of its Bible study courses. One course focuses on the Ten Commandments while the second centers on Jesus.

BibleStoryPrintables.com offers Bible worksheets with many different activities, including handwriting practice, crossword puzzles, word scrambles and seek-and-finds. Alphabet handwriting sheets include practice letters alongside a Bible illustration; for example, children may trace the letter A and learn about Adam. Crossword puzzles on the site are designed to help children memorize scripture verses. The worksheets are organized by topic; users can search this site by theme to find the Bible lesson they are looking for. BibleStoryPrintables.com also sells workbooks containing collections of worksheets.