Where Can You Find a Price List of All Tom Clark Retired Gnomes?

A price list of all Tom Clark retired gnomes can be found on The Knot Hole Station and TheFind. For the list on TheFind, select “Under $30”, “$30-$100” or “Over $100,” which displays gnomes priced below $30, from $30 to $100 and more than $100, respectively.

The Knot Hole Station, Ltd. is physically located at 3129, King’s Highway, Suffolk Virginia. Its virtual site offers a Tom Clark retired gnome price list that can be chosen from “Price High to Low,” “Price Low to High,” “Alphabetical A-Z,” “Alphabetical Z-A,” “Newest First” and “Newest Last.” There is also a description for most of the retired gnomes on The Knot Hole Station. Tom Clark, who is famous for his woodspirit and gnome figurines, was born in North Carolina’s Elizabethtown in 1928.