How Can You Pray Effectively?


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In order to pray effectively, one should have the faith and belief that God will answer the prayers, because He knows the desires of every heart. An effective prayer should incorporate praise and worship in order to approach the throne of grace with spirituality and to find mercy with God.

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Faith is an important element for one to pray effectively. A person should have the faith that God will answer the prayers in His own timing. This is based on the Christian principle that God gives what one asks for in faith. Although God is not visible, one should understand that He is omnipresent. According to the Christian Post, when prayers are done in faith, there is no doubt that God will respond to them. This calls for direct and specific prayers where one's inner desires are expressed to God, without fear or doubt.

An effective prayer should first have elements of praise and worship. As stated by Charisma Magazine, songs and hymns get one closer to God's grace. This prepares a person for a personal dialogue with God during prayer. It offers an opportunity for reverence, where one acknowledges that God is mighty and deserving of glory and honor. This acknowledgement is in conformity with the Lord's Prayer. An effective prayer should then proceed to personal requests to God.

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