How Can You Play a “Facade” Game Online?

The computer game “Facade” is freely available for download from the website of its creator, Procedural Arts. It runs locally on computers and does not have a streaming or online play component.

Versions of “Facade” are available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. For Windows, it requires a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 or higher processor, 256 megabytes of memory, one gigabyte of free hard drive space, and Windows XP or newer. The Macintosh version requires a 2.5GHz G4 or G5 or higher processor, 210 megabytes of free disk space, 512 megabytes of memory, and OS X 10.3 or newer.

The player uses the mouse and keyboard to interact with the environment and type things for the player’s character to say. The player spends a night in the apartment of his old college friends, Trip and Grace. While the game does not have a fixed objective, the player quickly observes that Trip and Grace are having serious marital problems and can intervene in their arguments. Through the player’s actions, the player has the opportunity to help the couple reconcile or drive them further apart. Trip and Grace can also throw the player out of the apartment for being rude or socially inappropriate.