What Can You Do on Pixelmon Mod?

The “Minecraft” Pixelmon mod combines the building and creative elements of “Minecraft” with the adventure and collecting elements of “Pokémon”. A user can catch Pokémon, battle trainers, or explore the Pixelmon world using the mod.

The first step in using the Pixelmon mod pack is installing it via the Technic Launcher or Forge. With each new game a dialogue box appears and prompts the player to select his starter Pokémon. Poké Balls and other equipment are crafted using common “Minecraft” materials such as iron ingots and stone buttons.

When battlling or catching a wild Pokémon, hitting it with a thrown Poké Ball opens a battle menu created in the style of the original “Pokémon” games. Players of Pixelmon can search the world to collect one of each Pokémon, battle and defeat the other trainers or build their own custom structures. Additional Pixelmon maps and worlds are also available for exploration.

If searching for extra play options and expansions, players can join a “Minecraft” server dedicated to Pixelmon. These servers allow for multiple players to join together and build, battle or trade. Some servers customize the Pixelmon experience with additional mods that remove fall damage and hunger, while others add objectives and group contests. Servers also offer open chat with other players and trade options for exchanging Pokémon.