Where Can You Find Pictures of Muhammad?

Although the Muslim religion discourages the creation of images of Muhammad, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City offers a lesson plan about the prophet along with some illustrations on its website. Controversial satirical images of the prophet can be found in publications such as Charlie Hebdo.

Islam discourages the illustration of the prophet as a way of preventing idol worship. Since Muhammad was a man and not Allah, celebrating the image of Muhammad could be considered idol worship. Mosques use swirling patterns and designs as decoration instead of images of religious figures for this reason.

Some other images of Muhammad do exist, as they were created for use in private prayer books and devotionals. They can be found in some libraries and university literature collections. Since these images were meant for instruction and not worship, they do not fall under the religion's rules about idolatry. Some private collectors throughout the world also have artwork featuring Mohammed's likeness.

Muhammad was born in approximately 570 A.D. and is considered by Muslims to be the messenger of God, or Allah. He spread the word of following one god instead of many throughout the Arab world, and soon grew a following that led to the creation of Islam.